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Stadium Tours for Two

Experiencing the atmosphere of some of the greatest sporting venues in the UK as the players do is something that most sports fans can only dream of, but with this fantastic opportunity for two you can follow in their footsteps for real! From the world famous Wembley Stadium to Old Trafford and Twickenham you’ll be given the choice of 10 of the most historic venues across the UK.

Football Record Breakers

From the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships to the record-breakers of Serie A, the Bundesliga and the Premier League, football’s record-breaking stars are here. Football Record Breakers, fully illustrated with 160 colour photographs, is packed with thousands of eye-popping stats about incredible trophy-winning teams and legendary goalscorers from around the globe, and contains all the latest need-to-know facts and figures from the 2016-17 league seasons around the world.